My name is Yeop Azman. I would like to thank you for your interest in my website and would also like to introduce myself. I was born on Wednesday, October 17, 1979 in the University Hospital in Kuala Lumpur. Because of my diplomatic parents, I have been to different places and cultures. From my birth in Malaysia, we have moved to and lived in Switzerland, the United States, Russia and Germany. I studied medicine in Zagreb, worked in Emergency Department in for Zadarska Županija and for the Tourist Primary Care Clinic inMartinščica, Croatia. Currently, I am trying to find a job and am residing in Zagreb.

I attended high school in Bonn, Germany at Bonn American High School, a Department of Defense Dependent School. I was there for the first three years of high school and was part of numerous activities, which I still do, and which define me as the person I am today. I then attended the International School of Kuala Lumpur for my senior year and graduated with two honors (NHS and Tri-M Music Honors) and 12 varsity letters in numerous sports and activities.

After graduation, I received a full scholarship from the Malaysian Government Public Service Department (JPA) to study pre-medicine abroad and with the “motivation” of my parents, decided to attend North Carolina State University. At the age of 17, I was clueless when I arrived to the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, and eventually decided to major
in biochemistry.

In 2001, I graduated from North Carolina State University with a Bachelor’s of Science in (Structural and Molecular) Biochemistry and a minor in Music Theory and gained interest in understanding the human body, its reactions to different stimuli and figuring out solutions to major diseases through a biochemical viewpoint. I worked at aaiPharma Inc. after my graduation in a phase I clinic as a laboratory technician and administrative assistant and was introduced to a great doctor, research nurse and staff who believed that I could become something more than a laboratory processor.

I then applied to medical schools in Europe and found myself in the University of Zagreb Faculty of Medicine, which was previously evaluated by Harvard Medical International. As I started my medical education and explored possibilities in medicine, I became interested in internal medicine, emergency medicine, pathology, general practice and public health.

Due to my parents, I went back to Malaysia after getting my degree as a Doctor of Medicine from the University of Zagreb Faculty of Medicine, and was trying to find employment opportunities in clinical research or medical journalism, something I became interested in when I was in medical school. I could not find a job as my degree was not recognized by the Malaysian Medical Council. In the meantime, I built aspirations to work in or start an NGO or a NPO, so that my life would have that underlying purpose. After moving back to Zagreb and changing Croatia’s laws with Dr. Jean-Loup Gassend,I completed myinternship position at KBCSestre Milosrdnice and passed the state licensing examination in April 2013. I accepted a position in Zadar, Croatia as a Doctor of Medicine in Emergency Medicine for Zadarska Županija, then moved toMartinščica to work as a General Practitioner. Currently, I am in Zagreb and looking for a more permanent position.

While studying for the state licensing examination, I also started a company called Miscellanea d.o.o., that is built to promote great ideas by helping young entrepreneurs with information and possibly funds to start businesses under the mother corporation. Our initial business is Art Cafe, located on Dalmatinska street in Zagreb. Art Cafe promotes local professional and younger artists to display and sell their art or skills within our Cafe, where EVERYTHING in on sale! However, this project fell through because Simun Bucan, my business partner, could not get the paperwork done from Grad Zagreb. I resigned from Miscellanea d.o.o. in February 2013.

I ran with the Hash House Harriersand am trying to start my own group. Ihad to sell my mountain bike to pay for rent and bills and food. However, I like to play basketball and volleyball, and love SimCity (although it is too heavy on my current computer). I cook and write recipes as I perfect them. I write songs on the guitar, and have recently accumulated enough songs for a demo CD, but am trying to perfect my songs before recording them. I love cars and aspire to own a Honda S2000or a Honda CRZone day.

As a person and a boyfriend, I believe that I am a hopeless romantic, but have been described as clingy, although I am getting better at that. I am taking some time off to weigh out my positives and negatives, to concentrate on my career ahead, and to change myself to be a better person. Thus being single for a while, but if it seems that I’m flirting with you, I’m not. I’m just THAT open (one of the changes I decided to make because my ex decided to cheat on me).

I hope you will enjoy my website and have found it informative. I have included my current curriculum vitae, some recipes, pictures and my personal projects I have worked on. If there are any further questions, remarks, comments or proposals, feel free to email me at: yeopazman(at)gmail(dot)com.


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