Humanitarna udruga za medicinu, altruizam i nadu (HUMAN)

People today have little incentive in working, due to long hours, low pay and the lack of reward for their daily tasks. By starting an organization where professionals are rewarded through their hard work and dedication in volunteering, we might appreciate our careers and have a renewed sense of worth in today’s society through donations, volunteer work, and the ability to travel and do humanitarian work.

1. To create a network of professional volunteers to offer their qualified services to companies and other NGOs and NPOs in return for official certification of served experience and minimal monthly fee from the hiring company.

2. To create fundraising events for the sole purpose of rewarding volunteers by giving financial opportunity to travel to areas in need and offer their services there.

3. To grow into an international NPO based in Croatia, which will allow volunteers to be rewarded for their efforts by providing an opportunity for them to travel to areas in need to provide humanitarian work; also be able to bring needed volunteers to come to Croatia.

4. Create a website, database and blog for our members to advertise our efforts and grow intoa large social network that promotes work, a medically healthy lifestyle, humanitarianism, altruism, hope and fun.

People today have little incentive in working (let alone volunteering and providing humanitarian help), due to long hours, low pay and the lack of reward for their daily tasks. By starting an organization where professionals are rewarded through their hard work and dedication in volunteering, we might appreciate our careers and have a renewed sense of worth in today’s society through donations, volunteer work, and the ability to travel and do humanitarian work.

Being a medical doctor and having difficulty in starting a career, I would like to start my own non-profit organization that will allow professionals to volunteer a few hours a week and be rewarded with a chance to see the world, and utilize their skills to help communities that are more in need, whether it be in Croatia or internationally.

Having a database of professionals who are willing to volunteer, we aim to (for a minimal fee) provide experienced volunteers for other NGOs, NPOs and companies. Combining fund-raising events, volunteer service fees, governmental and private donations, and sales from other integrated businesses we can reward these volunteers and aim to send one volunteer per month to provide their professional services internationally as a “working vacation”. As our Croatian-based, non-profit organization grows, we will be able to create a network of volunteers and receive stipends to give to volunteers and opportunity to do humanitarian work abroad.

The mission of this organization is to create a healthy community in a centralized location that is based on Dr. Patch Adam’s Gesundheit! Institute. Except for medical and palliative care, services of the community will be COMPLETELY FREE and will be simplified into:

1. Physical – To create a private 24-bed, two-family doctor, one surgeon and one internist poly-clinic, called Klinika za integriranju nadu i dobrote (KIND), that will serve the community and surrounding areas and to alleviate the health care burden of neighboring counties and countries. The clinic will also take on services of volunteer specialists and will provide space and equipment for their practices. The medical services that the clinic would concentrate on will be primarily palliative and we will gear ourselves towards the population who need medical attention and are not qualified for placement in medical institutions. Living here in Croatia for the past decade, I have seen many people in this category.

2. Mental – To educate and empower younger and older generations with practical life skills and instill responsibility and the feeling of self-worth into their minds by volunteer work in different areas available within our compound. At HUMAN, we will try to realize the full potential of the younger generation and try to find their interests and goals at an earlier age to prepare them for high school and college. By organizing workshops in different fields of interests, we can let people explore and realize the specific jobs that will interest them and have a realistic view of what their future careers will be like.

3. Social – To be neighborly with the surrounding communities and to help them by offering mobile medical, veterinary and other services based on volunteer work. HUMAN volunteers will improve the surrounding areas and lead by example of self-sustainability and offer information, services and some products to create a stronger and healthier community. We will try to lead by example by being self-sustainable and give back to surrounding communities. For example by creating a farmer’s market for the surrounding areas, HUMAN as well as the surrounding communities can have a place to sell ecological friendly products, trade goods and services and socialize all day by creating a free mass meal made by shared resources.

4. Spiritual – To educate our volunteers and the community and neighbors about love and to restore faith to reduce the denigration of each other’s differences based on race, age, sex, belief, etc. By creating a shared worshiping center, we can incorporate all major religions and educate each other by switching priests, imams and rabbis to give interactive Q&A seminars in lieu of traditional sermons to believers of other religions. In this way, they can see the similarities of the three major religions and have the opportunity to expand their minds, have freedom in their choice of religion and a better understanding and respect of their neighbors.

5. Environmental – To create a farm and greenhouse where we can grow as well as educate neighbors, volunteers and visitors about updated, high-tech, eco-friendly production. To help and alleviate the problem with strays in this region, HUMAN will also incorporate a veterinary service and ranch that will take in animals and centralize the adoption service in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro. As our funding and knowledge allows us, we would like to create a self-sustainable and eco-friendly infrastructure that relies on geothermal heating, solar and wind power, full self-recycling programs and love within the community spirit!

Klinika za integriranje nade i dobrote (KIND)

KIND will be a private poly-clinic started by the colleagues of the Medical Faculty of the University of Zagreb. We are planning on collaborating with the World Youth Bank Network and other private sponsors and donors to help us create a sustainable workplace to help in the “fight” to provide health care to everybody. In accordance to the plans of the World Youth Bank, the clinic will also provide an educational purpose to train and provide both volunteer and practical work to the nursing school in Zagreb and also for medical students to hone their skills in practical clinical work (EKG, ultrasound, phlebotomy, etc.).

The clinic will also provide specialized (although limited) healthcare to people who have no right to the social healthcare system of Croatia, and to others who are not educated in gaining free health insurance. Our general objectives are:

1. To create a clinic in Zagreb, Croatia which provides free specialized consultations two hours a day, conveniently after work hours, for:
a. people who have no right for health insurance
b. are living in poverty level
c. have no employment and have lost their right for social healthcare
d. are students from outside Zagreb who have not switched their general practitioner
e. are travelers that have not bought travel insurance
f. and many others who have no health insurance in Croatia

2. To create a specialized brain trust to take on special cases and organize paperwork for dead-end, chronic cases and provide and alternative approach to diagnostics and treatment with our diagnostic team.

3. To collaborate with non-profit organizations, such as HUMAN (Humanitarna udruga za medicinu, altruizam i nadu), to reward volunteer doctors or nurses, who offer their services at the clinic, with an opportunity to get financial sponsorship to do humanitarian work abroad or to attend domestic or international conferences, in order to further their careers as doctors.4. To promote preventive medicine through empowering the population with knowledge in using alternative medicine as preventive medicine, to incorporate a healthy lifestyle into daily routines, and to provide free lectures, seminars and materials to teach methods of improving the quality of life for our patients.

5. To create a learning environment that will allow practical work (phlebotomy, EKG, BP measurements, ultrasound, etc.) for medical students, student nurses and therapists.We aim to teach both doctors and students to be able to diagnose and treat patients with little reliance on specialized equipment (MRI, CT) so that they are able to practice medicine with lower cost to the healthcare system.

6. To be able to conduct small scale research for epidemiological studies and, with the consent of patients, to allow students to do simple research (i.e. for their thesis or student papers) on patients in return for providing them with free healthcare.

7. To eventually incorporate key specializations and a mini-pharmacy into the clinic to create a more accessible, cost-effective private polyclinic, and to be profitable enough tocreate career opportunitiesfor doctors, nurses and medical technicians.

8. To set an example to other clinics that healthcare is a right for the people, and that nurses and general practitioners have to play a larger role in the healthcare system.

9.To create a secure website and patient database, which will allow patients to access their patient history from anywhere in the world.

Art Cafe

UPDATE: Simun Bucan failed to complete the paperwork needed by Grad Zagreb to open the bar and the project failed. I left Miscellanea d.o.o. in February 2013. However, the project will be re-established when I get more stable and if I find a better, more responsible partner. 🙂

Simun Bucan and I have started a sustainable business; a dynamic space for different aspects of arts and a place where people can come together and share intellectual property. Art café in Zagreb, Croatia is a space with an open concept. In a nutshell, our café serves as a mini-gallery for a variety of literature, music and artwork by students and independent artists or designers. We intend to use and sell independently designed furniture to create a miscellaneous atmosphere. This way, the café will be constantly changing, which will keep interests up.

Because our café will act as an informal gallery, we allow designers and artists to put the furniture, artwork, literature, etc. for sale; giving the opportunity for them to advertise their skills and helping fulfill their own dreams. We have one cork board wall, where people can post classifieds and the café will be a spot to meet and do business. Hooking up to other cafés in the area, we can promote events in Zagreb, helping the city’s nightlife image.

Hrvatsko-malezijska kulturološka udruga (HMKU)

HMKU is a non-profit organization established in June 2010 for creating interest in educating and promoting both the Croatian and the Malaysian culture, to promote tourism to Croatia and Malaysia, and to establish a basis for a buddy system for future Malaysian tourists and/or Malaysian or Southeast Asian students in Croatia.

The society was started by Yeop Azman (M. Zeitsev Azman, MD) and Lovro Hamer, two friends with common interests in each other’s culture and nations. Through promotion and cooperation, Yeop and Lovro have accumulated enough interest to decide to start HMKU with members who are willing to help, promote and attend meetings and events to learn about Malaysia. Visit our webpage for more information!

Guitar PC

I built this guitar PC last year actually and I think I finally completed it. I took it apart totally to reinforce the wood because I just bought a DVD-RW drive for it and needed to cut a long slit on the side of it for the slot-in drive. Here are some pictures and captions, so you can follow the building process. This project was so much fun, I’m thinking of building another one.

Sorry for the quality of the sound. I’m using my digital camera to take videos, but I’m sure you get the gist of it!

PC Configuration

Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7
Processor: Intel® Pentium IV 3.06 GHz
Motherboard: Intel® Desktop Board D101GGC uATX
Memory: 2 GB DDR Ram 400 MHz (damn old motherboard!)
Graphics Card: ATI Radeon HD2400 (with a customized fan)
Networking: Wireless 802.11g

Hard Drive: 160 GB Western Digital
Primary Drive: Plextor Notebook DL DVD-RW
Ports: 2 Upper USB 2.0, 2 Lower USB 2.0, 1 rear SATA

Monitor: Fujitsu-Siemens 19″ Widescreen
Keyboard and Mouse: Logitech S510 Wireless keyboard and mouse



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