Where Did All The Doctors Go?

“The total number of licensed doctors in Croatia is about 18000 and according to the data from NHII in April 2012 there were 2340 GP/FPs. 47% of them are specialists, and only 23% are men. Most of the GPs/FPs , 85%, work as self-employees with contracts to NIHI (official data from Croatian Medical Chamber, 11.01.2012). 15% of GPs/FPs work as public employees at Medical Health Centers.” – UEMO.eu

That is 1 primary care physician per 500 people approximately. UK has about 1:400.  South Africa has 1:1500. The problem is distribution of PCP. So basically, people are also leaving after joining the EU.

My question is: Where did all the doctors go? Think about it. Every country is in deficit as long as I read. Is there one island in the pacific where there is like 1 doctor for every 10 people? Are Saudi countries stealing all of them with money?

I asked the recruiter for the UK one day and he said that UK/Irish doctors are leaving to Australia for better weather. That is understandable. Then I read that Madagascar has only 5 mobile units. That is to cover the ENTIRE country.

The USA is not lacking doctors, but has more specialists than primary care physicians than any country. People live the American dream, work, specialize and then earn more money. However, there is always a lack.

So where do all the doctors go?

And why am I not there?

I really hope it’s Hawai’i.


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