My Letter of Complaint

Dear Sirs and Ma’am,

As pointed out by Mr. Hanapi, my style of letter writing is rude and to the point.  As I pointed out, nobody reads emails fully nor do they care, because nobody takes the time to reply.  That is my Malaysian opening sentence.
Now to the real email.  Thank you for solving the issue with the passport.  Rather, thank you for making me lose a very good job.  Now I will be homeless for one and a half months out of Croatia until I can try again.  I know that washing the passport is my fault, as accidents do happen, but the level of incompetence that I encountered while trying to remedy my accident is extremely unspeakable.  Unfortunately and unlike doctors, government SERVANTS cannot get fired from their practice due to incompetence.  Let’s review what went wrong, review and formally complain to Wisma Putra, because not only is the service from government SERVANTS lacking, but I did LOSE MY JOB over this one.  Here are the facts:
1. I washed my passport on Friday morning and immediately called Mr. Hanapi Hussin at the Malaysian Embassy in Zagreb.  He dismissed it until Monday, but could have easily seen me for 15 minutes to get the paperwork filled in and Fedex-ed to JIM London by Monday.  This would save one weekend (three days).
2. I understand the need to take holidays during Eid, but Monday was not Eid.  I also understand the long line of Malaysian citizens needing to renew their passport and the vast amounts of immigrants needing to get their visas.  So I allocated a few days for the passport to be ready, which according to Jesmin Jamar, the passport was ready.  This was surprising as I thought it would take longer.  Here is the reply email dated October 18, 2013
“Jesmin Jamar
Oct 18
to malberne, me, Ruzaidi, Mohamad 
Salam Muhammad Zeitsev Azman,
As I have explained to you yesterday in tele-conversation and email earlier, we do not arrange courier service on behalf of applicant. Your new passport is ready to be picked up since yesterday. Please inform your local courier agent do not need to call us for re-confirmation.
Just simply come and pick-up. The courier agent has to provide their envelope and shipment waybill for us to fill-up upon collection:”
3.  However, I could not afford the shipment back and had no money.  My mother sent me 100 Euro and I sent a courier to pick up the package, but another government SERVANT Mr. Syed Faizal Mustaffa told them that the passport was not ready and I needed to show proof of my visa (which is a stamp in the passport that got destroyed, which was inspected by Mr. Hanapi Hussin) and a CERTIFIED (this costs about 50kn to JUST PHOTOCOPY) copy of my IC, which disappeared when I mailed it to my parents 2-3 years ago.
4. So I emailed Mr. Syed Faizal Mustaffa saying that I could not comply with his requests, because of the appropriate reasons.  I cannot call, because I do not have money, because I am not working, because of reasons listed on my blog which no government SERVANT takes the time to read, because I have sent so many emails to the prime minister to help me change the regulations in Malaysia.
5. Then after a lot of silence from JIM London and no replies of emails from the Embassy of Malaysia AND JIM London, my father sent someone to pick up the passport, who apparently:
a. called the Embassy the day before to ask if the passport is ready for pickup and the answer was positive.
b. drove 3 hours to the center of London.
c. was told to come back on Friday instead, because the passport was still “not ready”.
6. She then called Fedex to mail it and I understand vacations and All Saints Day, but I don’t understand why they told her there was no overnight service from the UK to Croatia, where there was an overnight Fedex International Priority from Croatia to the UK.  Apparently it costs 460kn to ship an envelope with next day delivery to the UK, but costs 660kn from the UK to Croatia that is not guaranteed next day delivery.
From the series of events and people’s incompetence at their jobs, I lost mine and will soon be homeless in Europe and will have no more contact through email, phone, etc.  I am not trying to put this guilty feeling on all of you for ruining the life of a very good diagnostician, but I am going to file this complaint also to Wisma Putra and Fedex UK, so that I hope people get fired for being incompetent.
I know I can survive on the streets, but if these people keep ruining lives of other people, I’m not sure how other people can take it.  Usually it is suicide.  However, I know none of the higher people will take this email seriously and will not even slap these people on the wrist, but I really hope that karma catches up to you.
These people need to be punished:
  1. Mr. Hanapi Hussin for not doing his job as a third secretary (nothing was done face to face, but through the receptionist when I came to the Embassy) DURING OFFICE HOURS.
  2. Mr. Syed Faizal Mustaffa for false claims and lack of communication on the passport’s status.  And apparently by living on the streets, I am NOT IN THE BEST STATE OF IMAN AND HEALTH just because of incompetent people like you.
  3. Fedex UK who claims that there is no international priority service to Croatia, where Fedex Croatia claims that there is.
Just to be clear on how unfair this is, I am trying to work in a country where I earn about 900 Euro (6500 kn) for being a general practitioner.  I get scrutinized if I do not do my job at 110% and people talk about how bad a doctor is and if they file a complaint and they would lose their job and license.  I AM NOT ALLOWED to be incompetent.  I DO NOT have money.  Yet, I am trying to work here, because of the reasons listed on my blog.
I have been delaying applying for my work permit for a GP position in Zagreb (this is a very rare job, by the way), because of the incompetence of the Embassy staff and if I can only get mypassport on THURSDAY because Fedex is unidirectional, then I LOST MY JOB.
  1. Thank you for picking up the passport and Fedex-ing it to me.  I will pay you back when I get my first pay check from the job that I lost.  Oh wait!  I will be homeless and on the streets thanks to the people listed above.  So I’m sorry.  I will try to beg for enough money to pay you back.
  2. Thank you for Jesmin Jamar for making the passport so quickly.  You are doing a great job and are very efficient. Wisma Putra should give you a raise or promote you.
  3. I complained to higher officials.  Please see attachments.
So thank you,
Dr. Azman

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