So another New Year has rolled around and although I live in a country where resolutions do not exist, making me much lazier compared to when I lived in the US, I think this year I will make proper resolutions and share methods on how to keep those resolutions.  The COMPETITIVE SPIRIT will hopefully keep everybody from straying from their goals (Personal goals in Croatia?  Ha ha ha ha ha!).  Last year, I learned my lesson from previous years and instead of creating goals such as “getting in shape” and “eat healthier” and “stop smoking”, I made realistic goals like, “run 10k without stopping” and “be able to play volleyball all day”.

By creating these goals, the bigger picture comes into play.  In order to run 10k without stopping, I didn’t necessarily have to stop smoking.  I had to realistically reduce it.  That way, you’re not taking steps to getting to your better self.  You’re being your better self then realizing that you got there by sacrificing your habits.  Talking to my brother this morning, I want to create goals based on the similar concept.  Since he has to lose a lot of weight (the hardest goal to achieve) and I have to rebuild my muscle (I slacked off after I lost my job on the coast and got REALLY fat), I figured that the best way is to create goals that would push me beyond my limits this year.

Now being a doctor who believes in prevention and alternative therapies, I have to suggest that everybody take a minute or two and think about what will BALANCE them for this year.  When you figure out what balances you (factors that do not depend on OTHER people like girlfriend, sex, jobs, etc.), then you will be able to change that part of yourself to become a better person (maybe even better than me!).  The question I like to ask myself is not how I can change, but who do I want to become this year?  Based on that, this is my list of resolutions for this year:

  1. Physically and mentally, be like I was when I was 25.  Can you imagine being 10 years younger?  I can.
  2. Have a bike road trip through an island.  Not the short way across also.
  3. Be able to make people smile with my aura.  I will have to be calmer, wiser and more spiritual.
  4. Reconnect with my families.  This requires me having a job, which is dependent on other people.

If anybody wants to keep up with progress, you can join and follow GOYBA, and also POST YOUR PROGRESS so people will be motivated to keep up.  Competition is NOT STUPID!  Gloating is!  Friendly competition makes people better, brings the community together and makes the world an amazing place!  So please help me spread this and let’s see how many people and how long we can keep up this positive support and spirit!  Happy 2014!



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