Happy 2014 … another blah blah blah …

As most of you close to me already know, I haven’t started working because I lost the job in Ogulin. The director apparently made a false verbal promise, which is common in the Balkans. On the day I received my work permit, visa and license, the director of Dom zdravlja Ogulin told me not to come because, “the paperwork would take too long.” That day, I was ready to break down.


So this New Year’s Eve, I had no will to celebrate, be happy and to spread love and joy like I have done for so many of my friends and family for the past 34 years of my life. My friends bailed to be with other friends and I slept at half past eleven. I did keep my promise to Valentina and hung out with her until the end of her shift. She then returned home to her boyfriend. I said hi to Morena, the “kobasica”girl, and then ended my year.

This year did not start any better either, but being the COMPETITIVE fighter that I am, I did 70 pushups, 200 situps and then showered and left to start writing this update, an article on how to be healthy and an update to the Hitchhiking Doctor. Unfortunately, everything was closed and my inspiration quickly faded when Nikolina told me that being competitive is stupid. That is like telling a priest that Catholicism is stupid. But with my current “fuck it all” attitude, I am sitting in McDonald’s (I know. Resolutions. Health. It is the only thing open in this village.) and typing away. Sorry if I offended anybody.

So this year, I have my papers and have to find a job. I have THREE “verbal promises” and currently have to study for the test in emergency medicine so that I have a shot at the emergency medicine job in Hrvatska Kostajnica. As an update, these are my “verbal promises” which mean squat in this country.

  1. Poliklinika Marija – I would love this job, because it works with HBOT!
  2. Ustanova za zdravstvenu skrb Findri-Gustek – Still nothing from HZZO for concessions.
  3. Nova Gradiska/Cernik – Went to a meeting last Friday with the mayor and got three bottles of wine and a “verbal promise” that the clinic will start within SIX MONTHS!!! JBG.
  4. Aiming for Hrvatska Kostajnica so that’s why I have to study.

So for those who care about me, which is a dwindling number, thank you for 2013. Hope all of you realize that I am fighting the nearly impossible. I hope that this year, I will regain those “friends” who only hang out with me at my best.  Happy 2014, everybody!


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