One Step Forward, Two Steps Back


It seems that I haven’t updated everybody in a while, so I am doing another mass posting or email.  I usually write to everybody semi-individually, but I have been hitting so many roadblocks these days in my quest to become a medical doctor, that I’ve even lost motivation to sit and write about HUMAN or to update the people that I love and those who care for me.

On Thanksgiving this year, I got my work permit only to find that the HLK would not issue me a license without my language certificate.  Not going into many details, I was able to solve this and got my license the following Monday and finally (after all those stories listed below) went to my employer (Ustanova za zdravstvenu skrb “Findri-Guštek”).  Dr. Findri-Guštek then informed me that HZZO did not release any concessions for general practitioners in Zagrebacka county, which she applied for in August.  So she suggested that I find another job.  Great!

Since I was constantly applying to 3-4 jobs a day, a few days later I got a call from DZ Ogulin to come in for an interview on Monday (09/12/2013) and I accepted the job on Tuesday.  Now it’s Wednesday and I went to MUP to see if I could transfer my EU Blue Card.  According to the law, I still need a year contract, but ALL government medical jobs only give contracts for a maximum period of 6 months at a time.  Case in point, my colleague is doing her specialization and has to renew her contract every 6 months.  Reasons unknown.


Therefore on Friday, I will go see what’s going on.  I will check out an apartment, sign my contract, and do things like a normal human being would.  I will hope for the best, wait for someone to f*** me over, and be happily surprised if I’m not.  So please keep your fingers crossed, pray for me, light a candle, rub a Buddha’s belly, find me lucky charms, etc.  I hope I get to work in Ogulin.  I have lost the will to fight for this and am just hoping for the best.

What About Ireland?

Well, I finally got a reply today and it seems that, like every other country in the world, I still need to hit that 2 year minimum experience to even start a specialization.  So even if I gather enough money from my friends to pay for the IMC registration, I still need to work for another year in Croatia (the only place I am licensed) to get enough experience points to gain a specialization position in Ireland.


How Can I Solve This?

I need a permanent residency, which is impossible because I still believe in the sanctity of marriage.  I am interested in someone, but I also believe in the sanctity of a relationship.  Damn my high moral values!

The Other Options in Parallel

Since I can’t create a concrete path that leads me to being an internist and eventually running HUMAN, I also applied to this recently.  I would love to also be a part of understanding God’s tech and curing cancer!  So wish me luck on that one also!


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