Project “Screw You Society! It’s Enough!”

The Start

Now that I am getting a job in Dugo Selo and will be staying in Zagreb, I will have motivation to study and work on the most common problems coming into my ordinance. From that, I will research and post up alternative and preventive methods on the most common problems, so that most things can be solved traditionally and at home. Although I did not grow up with traditional therapies, I did not go to the doctor too much, due to being extremely lucky with my health.

Most alternative medicine is still just an adjunct to conventional medicine. This is because in order to really work, most alternative therapies are actually adopted lifestyle choices. If you are generally from the Western world, Eastern medicine becomes alternative and vice-versa. There was a time in Malaysia where olive oil was marketed as being better than canola oil, and everybody had that craze of buying Mediterranean ingredients for Malaysian recipes, which made our food taste a little odd. However in Europe, people seem to forget that their culture, although MUCH younger than Asian cultures, also has a lot of native herbs, which have great medicinal properties that cured everything from the common cold to the plague. In fact, Europe even has fungi that amazingly metabolize certain substrates into antibiotics!

With that in mind, people have to realize that they do have their own forms of alternative medicine and therapy. The more correct way to live a healthy life is not to categorize conventional medicine away from alternative or complimentary medicine, but to have the realization of the differences between modern lifestyle/modern medicine to traditional lifestyle/traditional remedies. Being in the 21st century, having a brain and having the appointed status of Homo sapien sapien, we – as a society of humans, and not culture or nations – need to be able to balance past and future to create a society that follows both traditional lifestyle AND modern medicine.

If we practiced the preventive efforts that our parents and grandparents imparted on our lifestyle (which is not very medically preventive), then we can catch up and live healthier lives with our advances in modern medicine. For example; utilizing our knowledge of cardiac diseases risk factors (i.e., smoking, LDL, stasis, etc.) and practicing the grandfather’s tales of “walking 5 miles to school through snow”. As opposed to driving 2 km in your car.

… but you grew up in Malaysia. Snow DAMMIT!

As an adjunct to this “project”, I would like to also change my lifestyle to be healthy and to prepare myself for old age. I will also write about the subtle changes compared to what I remember at the ages of 17, 21, 26 and 31. Since the next predicted shift in biochemistry is at 36, I will try to see what I can do in one year to improve my physical, mental and hopefully social quality of life, and eventually be an example to my patients, my students, my peers and people who have believed and will believe in me!

Wanna join?  Wanna post progress?  Then just GET OFF YOUR BUTT!

Upcoming topics: headaches, muscle or neck pain, toothaches and infections, chronic sinusitis and meteorpathics, the common cold or the flu, chronic heart care, lung infections, COPD, acid reflux, chronic gastritis, vomiting and diarrhea, abdominal cramping, UTI, leg pains and general muscle aches, and common skin rashes.

If you have any topics that you want to have answered, feel free to email me at and I will post it up for you!


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