Finally Some Good News!

Just to update everybody through my blog:

I got my passport finally from Fedex after 2.5 weeks of delays, and went to MUP today. I was told that I am the FIRST ONE in Croatia to apply for the EU Blue Card, so I hope that it will be done by Monday or Tuesday (that is what MUP told me, unless there are going to be more delays).

Then I have to go to the HLK (komora) to get my license, which I think they will give me an issue because I never got a C1 certificate for language and complained about that to However BEFORE they joined the EU, they allowed me to have a license and work. Now they’re just causing much more problems that can only be solved with money.

Amazing! Instead of helping people succeed, people seem to go out of the way to cause more problems than solutions. I learned to not hold my breath in this country. We’ll see what happens. I’m ready for the consequences and have my other blog set up for it!

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