This is Just Getting Ridiculous


It was the day that Fedex UK told my cousin Narissa that the passport was to arrive. It is not that hard to ship a passport, and I checked online about the legalities of sending such a document. Supposedly, it is legal except to a few countries. Since July 1, 2013 when Croatia entered the EU, I figured an EU to EU transfer would not cause any problems. Thursday 18:00 PM, the passport should have arrived in Zagreb. Tracking number: 899249304372. I was prepared to go to Slavonski Brod so that I can cross the border to get a new entry stamp in my passport, so I can start the application process for the EU Blue Card which I apparently qualify for. Once again, the first to get it in Croatia!

Eu Plava Kartica


I went to MUP to see what this EU Blue Card was. It was my way to work unconditionally in Croatia as long as I had a work contract, so despite the delay of the passport, which Ms. Andreja Fumic told me would be arriving between 14:00 and 16:00. Unfortunately it did not arrive and at 16:00, Ms. Fumic called and said that it did not arrive with the morning’s shipment and she called Fedex Austria to see where it was. Apparently it fell off the conveyor belt and will be arriving on Monday. I was planning on having a slower weekend in Slavonski Brod to cross the border and wanted to go to MUP on Monday morning, but since the passport was “delayed” in Austria, I was stuck in Zagreb and could not take that step forward.


Nobody from Fedex called. I pulled the tracking number and checked on the website to see where it was and since Friday, the estimated delivery time turned to N/A. I then called Fedex and the first person I talked to (Marina, Martina?) told me that I had to fill in a customs form so that it can get delivered on Tuesday. I was confused, because I have already sent my forms in to Ms. Fumic. I then asked to be transferred to Ms. Fumic, who told me that they lost my passport. It is not in the Fedex Austria facility and will have to check any outgoing trucks to see where it is.


What I Do Not Understand

I had friends who worked in DHL and ANY package needs to be scanned when they are on any truck. I am sure Fedex, USPS or any tracked services from any postal service do the same. That way the tracking system puts it “in transit”. Needless to say, there have been a lot of emails and complaints to Fedex. However, people are trying to cover their tracks and Fedex UK blamed UK Customs for the delay, Fedex Croatia is blaming Fedex Austria, and Fedex Austria has no clue.

Possible Consequences

I am scared that my future employer, Dr. Stefica Findri-Gustek, cannot wait for other people’s mistakes and will hire someone else. I know it was my fault to accidentally wash my passport, but it is ridiculous that:

  1. On Friday, October 18, 2013, I washed my passport, but Mr. Hanapi Hussin could not take 15 minutes for me to fill in the form and show him my damaged passport, but told me to wait until Monday.
  2. I sent the forms by Fedex on Monday, which arrived on Tuesday.
  3. On Tuesday morning, I signed my work contract with Ustanova za zdravsvtenu skrb.
  4. Ms. Jesmin Jamar at JIM London told me it was ready within the week despite the Muslim holidays at the Embassy.
  5. Mr. Syed Faizal, who took over my case on Thursday would not release it, so there were a lot of arguments and slow email exchanges.
  6. Then on Tuesday, October 29, 2013, Mr. Syed told my cousin that it was ready, so she drove 3 hours down to London to only get turned around because it was not ready.
  7. She finally picked it up on Friday, November 1, 2013 and went to the Fedex office on Monday. She was told it would arrive on Thursday, November 7, 2013.
  8. The passport was then held by UK Customs until Thursday and arrived in Fedex Austria on Friday morning, which was meant to arrive in the afternoon in Croatia.
  9. Then it got lost.

What Should I Do?

I wanted to start working, thank the Kolbah Family for their generosity in letting me use their bed and shower. I wanted to leave a small footprint, but ended up over-staying my welcome. I apologize publicly to the Kolbah Family and am trying to get out of there as soon as possible. On the plus side, my family realized the situation that I am in and is starting to support me a bit financially. I am constantly applying for jobs all over the world and in Croatia, just in case I lose this position, to follow the plan in my last blog article, because I cannot afford to do all these exams. I need to work to pay back and save up for exams to possibly work in other regions.

I need to change the ordinance to allow myself to specialize. Truthfully, it would be better in an English speaking country, but I always improve my Croatian daily by reading articles. I just need a chance and no more road blocks!

And most importantly, I need to accept these comical happenings and just BREATHE!

It's Something


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