A New Chapter in Life

Touristicka Ambulanta u Martinscicu, Cres.

I just called my friend who now told me that I posted somewhere that I called the people in Zadarska Zupanija racist. I posted only what happened to me there and I only called one person there a racist, because it was that kind of experience to me. This is a Medical Advice (which doesn’t only encompass Physical and Mental, but also Social Medicine) blog and a blog about the happenings to my life. I retract the statement and apologize and hope that MUP will read this.

As I’ve said many times that my heart is in Zadar and a lot of people have warned me that Zadarska Zupanija is Ustasa country, which I realize. However, I always concentrate on the better parts of everything rather than the focus on the negative, unless it affects me. Which in this case, it did. However, I have no hard feelings as long as I can work as a doctor and to use my skills to evaluate problems and help patients, not only with their current ailments, but also with their lives. If I did focus on the bad things, I would also mention that some guy in a bar in Zadar came up to me and literally said, “I hate you because I am racist.” I have witnesses to this.

As for the incident that happened, I am sorry for touching a nurse. I did not hit her in any way. Everybody knows that I don’t hit anybody, even in a fight that happened almost every year in Zagreb to me. I’m not sure of the causes, but it usually happens that a group of drunk kids gang up on one Asian guy. I told PU Zagreb in 2008 about this, but never reported it, because it would have been useless.

My heart is in Croatia (not meaning that my girlfriend or wife is here). I love this country. I love her fight for life and the ingenuity of her past. Croatia is special in the world and that’s what a lot of people don’t mention, except for me. I’m the only foreigner I know who didn’t stay for the girl, but to help by working as a doctor. All my other counterparts left (even leaving their girlfriends behind or bringing them along, leaving Croatia with less highly qualified work force, and more retirees, students and children).

Now that I know I’m being monitored, I hope that you read my blog more and if you have any questions about alternative approaches to health care, feel free to comment and ask.

Lijepi pozdrav iz Martinscica!


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