Well damn! I’ve been Sunčana’ed again!

To make a long story short, a nurse gave medication without my permission, made me look like a fool in front of my patients, I raised my voice at her and she told the director that I hit her. Advice from a friend, “Ne smijes dirat zene, samo smijes jebat!”

Longer version below:

Today I was involved in a very embarrassing situation during working hours, for which I am very sorry and I want to explain what happened.

Nurse Slavica Balgavi offered me a ride to get to work in the morning. I was getting myself ready in my room and did not hear a knock on the door, nor did the other members of Team 2 Nin, who were working in the morning, hear her when she rang the doorbell. I did not know why she did not call my cellphone. I then went downstairs at 0635 to give sugar to Nin Hitna in the morning and then called Slavica Balgavi to see where she was. She told me she had just left, because nobody answered both doorbells. So I took the first bus to Vir, which leaves Autobusni Kolodvor Zadar at 0630. I then called Dr. Vedrana Mihaljevic to say that I will be late as I took the bus and then asked her where Hitna Vir is. I got to Vir at 0710 and asked for directions to the Hitna Vir not realizing there was a shortcut by foot. Dr. Vedrana Mihaljevic then called me at 0724 to ask me where I was and I arrived one minute later. She then packed up and left and got back to Nin at 0745.

I did the routine of writing my name on the schedule and tried to log into the system, but could not change my location from Benkovac to Vir and could not start the new team schedule without my name and the driver and could not register patients into the eHitna system. At the same time, our first patient came in at around 0830. The child had a fever of 38C that started the night before. The tonsils were slightly red, but not inflamed, there were no palpable lymph nodes, there was discomfort in the frontal sinus and Brudzinski sign was negative. He threw up Paracetamol syrup, but otherwise appetite was fine. The child looked normal and healthy otherwise. Since it seemed like a viral infection and it was not an emergency, I suggested that they try other forms of Paracetamol. However, Nurse Slavica Balgavi suggested giving Ketonal suppository and I said there was no need to give it as it is a strong NSAID and there was no pain. She then said in front of the patient’s parents with a demeaning tone, “You would not send a kid home with a fever, would you?” I had to balance the psychology of worried parents and a demeaning nurse who put me in a corner and decided that a small suppository of Ketonal would not hurt the child and let Nurse Slavica Balgavi apply the suppository. After the parents and patient left, I told her that next time I am the doctor and she should not say things like that and should listen to my expert medical opinion.

Then she went outside to talk to Driver Tomislav while I tried to figure out how to log in. I called her back in for advice on how to change my location from Benkovac to Vir and she showed me that you just have to change the location from Benkovac to Vir. When I did that, the staff names disappeared and Driver Tomislav and I were not in the system (I asked Dr. Nina Finka to show me later and now I know how). As I tried to see how to do that, Nurse Slavica Balgavi kept saying in a denigrating tone that we were in Vir, not Benkovac about 3 or 4 times. I calmly explained the first time that I know that we are in Vir, but the system did not show our names when I changed the location. After the fourth time of her reminding me that we are in Vir, I got irritated and said that I was not stupid and tapped her on her shoulder and said that I was going outside to get some air.

Since I am good at making things efficient, I looked through the equipment to see what we have and do not have and to see where everything is. I also decided to esthetically clean the toilet and the area. To make things easier for me to work, I decided to move a drawer 10 centimeters to the left so the door to the examination room can be fully opened so that I can work, take notes and have faster access to the computer if needed. Nurse Slavica Balgavi did comment that the equipment belonged to Dom Zdravlja and I did not see the harm of moving one drawer 10 cm to the left so that the Hitna Vir safe is not hanging off the edge of it. I did not change anything else except for making the place more presentable to the patients by getting rid of trash.

At this point, Dr. Vlatko Grkovic had logged me in as working in Vir and Nurse Slavica Balgavi handed me the phone with the Director Davorka Krncevic who commented that Nurse Slavica Balgavi told her that I hit her and that I was more than 45 minutes late to work. She then told me that she did not need a doctor who was always late and not prepared. Since I am new in Zadar, do not have my own form of transportation and rely on bus routes, my first place to research transportation is on the internet. For example for Benkovac, the online schedule used to state that there were buses on Saturday morning. However, I did not make it to the bus on time and called Director Davorka Krncevic to see what my options were. Unfortunately I had to call Team Benkovac to pick me up in Zadar and I am very sorry for that experience.

However when I got there, I decided to stay the weekend and come back home Sunday night to prepare for the Education in ALS and ITLS on Monday morning. I also had a meeting with Director Davorka Krncevic in the morning to see about transportation problems. It was then did I find out that the real bus schedule did not coincide with online bus schedules and was stuck another day without a shower in Benkovac until Monday morning at 0600. I arrived in Zadar approximately at 6:50 and rushed to Uprava Zavod za Hitnu Medicinu and did not meet with the director as she was not there. I left my envelope with my receipts for travel costs from when I started working to that day, proceeded to Hitna Sluzba Zadar to pick up clothing from a friend getting off work from Nin Hitna, had a quick coffee to wake up, showered and ran to Medicinska Skola for the start of the ALS and ITLS. That was the only time I was very late for work. When I was in Kali, I was not late because I did not miss the first ferry at 0620 and the schedule is regular. To get there, I take the first bus from Nin at 0510, which sometimes does not show up until 0530.

Like most doctors, I do not mind waiting for some people to come in a bit later because of public transportation. The morale is good and we get to exchange information about our patients over morning coffee and educate ourselves better. I am truly sorry for being late a second time and I have a right to be scrutinized. I am relatively new and still am trying to get used to the system here in Zadarska Zupanija. I have been here for less than a month and have yet to get settled and to learn about the living situation. Since I got to Zadar and stayed above Hitna Nin, I have gotten to know Nurse Slavica Balgavi as a nurse and a person. She is very active and open and offered me transport if she was going my way. I was welcomed well and love Zadar, my job and Tim 2 Nin who I got to shadow on some of their interventions while I waited for my paperwork to be done with MUP and Uprava for Zavod za Hitnu Medicinu. I would never hit anybody, I never insult people and I am sorry if there was a miscommunication between Nurse Slavica Balgavi and me.

Please reconsider your decision on my status as my entire future career as a medical doctor in Croatia will be affected.


*** This is funny.  After ruining my life and the start of my career, Slavica Balgavi had the nerve to threaten me on Facebook.

Slavica Balgavi threatens me after ruining my career by lying.

Slavica Balgavi threatens me after ruining my career by lying.




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