First Day of Work!

OK.  I’m writing to everybody so I can update myself all at once on the situation at hand.  So I started working OFFICIALLY today.  All papers in and got my doctors number.  Basically, my contract is for 3 months for tourist season, but here’s the problem:  I need to renew and prolong my stay a month before.  If there is a position here to stay at, then that will be great.  However, nothing is really sure.

I have to go through all the paperwork again at the end of August if I get an extension to stay, so it depends on the director of the hospital, who doesn’t like my lack of enthusiasm for being in emergency medicine.  Here’s the story for that:
Basically, I worked with the Nin Team 2 (that didn’t have a doctor and I gave advice and saw patients).  Then I went in a few days to get to know the new system, but nobody really knew who I was and what I was working for.  There is a lack of organization and introduction, which is normal (I guess).  However, when MUP got news that there was an Asian doctor shadowing, they said it was illegal for me to do it without my work permit, so I stopped doing it until I got it on Friday.  I stayed 24 hours on Friday and Saturday to get to see patients after that and learn the system and paperwork.  But of course she didn’t see that and nobody talks about the shadows.
I LOVE this job, by the way and hope that I can actually stay in Emergency Medicine, because here it’s more General Practice work throughout the year and Emergency Medicine in the summer.  The structure IS changing so the responsibilities will shift, but not in the smaller places.  Patients are cool and the team is cool thus far, so I hope I can extend my work here and if there is a specialization with the opening of the new facility, I will work my ass off for it.
Other than that, this is difficult because then I can’t transfer my stuff from Zagreb and also Lana (my cat).  I have no idea what to do for the next few months, so I hope to clear that up soon as I start working in the next month.  I think I should just move here and just tell the director that I plan to stay and would love to be here to work.  Any advice?  Everything is up in the air, so I’m really stressed out about not being stable still.
For the fun part, I will get shifted around to different areas as needed by the amount of tourists that show up, so I DO get to see the region.  Today, I have to take the ferry to work on the island and I think that’s so cool!!!  Slowly, I think I ended up in the city that I want to be in, doing the job that I wrote my thesis on, and hope that things will keep going this way until I get a more permanent position here in Zadar.
I’ll update more later.  I’m just worried about the ability to stay and the future of my career, but sat in a coffee shop trying to work it all out.  Organization is horrible, director needs to be convinced that I’m a good doctor and I need to find an apartment so I can settle.  I have no real kitchen, so I have to eat out and I’m on sandwiches.  🙂
And I need a car in this region… And a stethoscope!

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