Doktor Medicine u Zavod za Hitnu Medicinu Zadarska Zupanija!

Well, it finally happened. After 10 years of not being fully employed, I can finally start work. I’m sorry for not blogging for so long. The fact of the matter is that the past 3 years have been a rollercoaster ride in all aspects of my life. My relationships have been pointless and have taught me nothing but that women are really mean, and that I have to be more careful in my choices. I realized the differences in my friends and family. I know now how it is to make promises and to have weight on your shoulders.

But not everything is bad as I sit here on the bus on the way to my first job in Zadar, Croatia. Dr. Barbara Kolbah has her blog (Sjever i jug; North and South) describing her and her colleague’s lifestyle in Cakovec/Rijeka and Korcula. Zadar is smack in the middle of the two and is described as one of the most beautiful towns on earth. As I have the four-hour chance, driving from Rijeka to Zadar, to reflect upon the good or bad things that have happened to me, I realized that things are still always tipped to the good side of life. Maybe that’s the optimistic part of me, as last night was yet another Croatian bureaucratic adventure! On a side note, I now can spell “bureaucratic” without being spell-checked and auto-corrected. These are the perks of living as a “gastarbeiter” in Croatia and having to describe your experiences.

Back to the four hour drive down the “Magistrala”, I realized that life is not that bad. Ex-girlfriend cheated on me 5 times, I lost a potential love of my life, I lived completely broke for almost 4 years but still had the chance to go out and gain new friends! If I was able to do that, I’m guessing that life isn’t all too bad. What is the secret to that? Having better friends and support than what life can throw at you! Once I settle down and realize the meaning of having responsibilities of working again, I hope I get energy to do the same and spread the love that has been shown to me, not just in the past four years but also through my 33 years of life thus far.

Seeing amazing things every day.  Legless and swimming through, enjoying life and sun on the first day I got here!

Seeing amazing things every day. Legless and swimming through, enjoying life and sun on the first day I got here!


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