This is probably not the smartest move on my part…

…but I’m at the end of my rope.

Not receiving any phone call from Vinogradska again, I went there today to hand in my stool sample for bacteriological testing and decided to drop by and see where they were with the paperwork. They have all of them and it was great news! Ivana (one of the ladies in the personnel department) then said, let’s go meet up with Mrs. Damir, the lady that has to come to MUP (Ministry of Interior) with me to hand in the paperwork from the hospital (this can be done with a punomoc from the hospital, giving me power of attorney or authority). I’m very patient usually, but when I hear that she has “no time for me” after waiting months, I literally fell apart.

So she says she’ll call me when she has time. Let me tell you that it should take less than 15 minutes for her to deal with this, as I’ve seen this been done before while I was waiting countless of hours at MUP doing the first half of my paperwork. I then went to DSG bikes where my friend works to blow off some steam and do drink a few cups of water (it’s still hot biking around), and figured out a better solution than just waiting until Mrs. Damir has time. I went back and asked them, no matter how long it takes to get that punomoc, it would be good to do it in parallel so that if Mrs. Damir takes a week to finish her work, the one page paper can replace her.

So Ivana went into the head of the personnel department and asked if this could be done, and she said no. I asked why and she said that she doesn’t know. After trying to get an explanation to why the hospital cannot issue a punomoc, she got frustrated and walked away. I’m sorry for pushing her with questions, but I hope that all of you agree that this is taking too long. I’m not doing anything wrong, but I’m surrounded by people that can’t take 30 minutes out of their day to do their job and hand in my paperwork to MUP.

Postoje liječnici koji sam poslao ovaj e-mail da trebam pitati za uslugu. Ako imate bilo kakvih kontakata s ravnatelj Vinogradske (dr. Krešimir Rotim), može li molim ga pitati je li on mogao nazvati kadrovska i vidjeti u moju situaciju. Htio bih početi raditi od idućeg tjedna, jer ja ne mogu preživjeti.

Other than that, I’m literally in financial crisis since this is taking too long. I can’t stay at this apartment anymore and will stay at my colleague’s parent’s apartment until things stabilize. I am now literally begging for any type of financial support through donations. If you could spare a few dollars that I can’t pay back, because I already owe a lot of people a lot of money and I was hoping to start work about the same time Jean Loup would have started work.

You can Western Union any spare change that you have to:

Muhammad Zeitsev Azman
Trg Kralja Tomislava 15
c/o Gavrancic
10000 Zagreb
Croatia (HR)

tel: +385 99 853 7640

or if you prefer to wire transfer:

Address: Medvescak 42; 10000 Zagreb; Croatia

Bank Name: Privredna Banka Zagreb
Bank Address: Mirka Rackoga 6; 10000 Zagreb; Croatia
IBAN: HR26 2340 0093 2109 7601 7

Thank you for your support thus far and I hope that I will get enough to be able to buy food, back pay rent and help pay my debts. If anything, it will be my birthday next month on the 17th and I was hoping that I would get my first pay and throw a little party for the people who have supported me through these past two years and supported me through my ordeals.


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