Status Update

I’ll start from the beginning to catch you up. After about a year and a half of trying to figure out if we could do our internship here, we found out that foreigners have no right to do a paid internship and that we could not take the state licensing exam. However after a lot of meetings and fighting and letters and emails, we finally got a reply in January that was promising.

The deputy ministers had a meeting and we were in the newspapers, and they decided to provide a way for us to intern. After a lot of collaborated (with Jean Loup and his father) efforts to gain attention, they finally said two months ago that they changed the ordinance and have opened up quotas for foreigners to work in Croatia. My analysis of this situation will be published with my book that I’m going to write.

Either way, I was in Umag when we got the good news. I slowly rushed back to Zagreb (it was the weekend) and got back in time for everybody in the personnel department of my hospital to be on vacation. I am currently continuing to wait (Jean Loup got things done within a week), and my luck holds true when I say that although things are looking up, I am currently screwed because I need to earn my first paycheck by the 5th of October (yes, I was thinking of starting this week).

As I stood there in the personnel department waiting for my uputnica for my chest x-ray and bacterial cultures to print out for my Sanitarna Knjiznica, and as her NEW laser printer failed miserably at doing so, I smile and realize that life is beautiful. Although my ex-girlfriend, who will not be named, tore me a new one by cheating on me twice and dumping me for two other guys and broke up a potentially wonderful relationship, I am still remaining optimistic. Stomach growling, printer not working, time wasted.

Looking forward, I am looking for sponsorship (I need 4000 euro total) to start off a non-profit organization. Any amount of donations are welcome! The project is called human and you can read the abstract for it here. I am also attaching the proposal in .pdf format. If you think it is a good idea, please donate and get your friends to donate. We’ll have a jar somewhere. I will also be doing this over the course of the year to gain funding to open a free specialist clinic for poor and underprivileged people (see under HUMAN in my projects).

If I can start HUMAN KIND, all this would have been worth it! Lost love, lost nerves, lost health and lost time. Be part of it and help do some good! Also, join GOYBA if you have Facebook! Let’s work for HUMAN KIND! 😀


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