July Updates and Being Healthy

Addressing the very few readers of my blog who are keeping up with the progress of a foreigner getting an internship in Zagreb, Croatia, I want to say that due to vacations, the entire government is at a standstill. Amazingly enough, the world is still moving and I am also using this time to “take a vacation” from functioning as Zagreb is reaching its high temperature weeks. All things considered, I’m still very lucky. I told my landlord that I hope he understands that next month (hopefully) I can double down on my payment for rent.

Other than that, I am playing basketball daily and am becoming healthier. I have to motivate myself to think medically at times, because I’m slowly losing my knowledge and keeping up with MedScape is becoming tedious.

I hope that things will work out soon and I hope I continue to have the help from family, friends and strangers. Good luck to people who have exams and congratulations to the graduating class of 2011!


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