So after Vinogradska told me that they have been talking back and forth with Natalia from MUP, they finally said that I can be issued an Ugovor o Radu (work contract) for the hospital with an annex just in case this doesn’t work (which basically states that the Ugovor is void after 90 days if nothing happens from MUP in that time).

So basically with the Ugovor, I went to MUP to get my Privremeni Boravak (stay permit) and they said that everything has to be sent to the Ministry and they will have to decide. However, since everybody is on their Godisnja (yearly leave), they’re not sure if they can have everything done by August.

Let’s cross our fingers that things get started earlier, because I was hoping to start work in the beginning of July and then get my first paycheck at the beginning of August so that I can start paying people back. Now it’s going to be another 2-3 months of asking people to help pay rent and bills and food.



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