The Next Step

So if everybody has been keeping up, Dr. Jean-Loup Gassend and I have finally gotten our right to do our internship in Croatia, putting us on the course to actually be able to practice medicine.

I have to say that this has been a long and tiring fight, and I am still on a time crunch to get a stay permit. I have to get some sort of agreement from the hospital to send to the Ministry of Interior. However as with all bureaucracy, it’s always a chicken and egg situation.

In addition, I just got a fine because I live in an apartment I wanted to move out of when I get my first paycheck. Since I didn’t register here yet, I got a 500 kn (100 USD) fine. I’m so happy that the Vatican, one of the biggest and richest mafia group, caused me to lose what little money I had to buy food. Thank you!

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Croatian-Malaysian Cultural Society is always looking for funding to do bigger and bigger events! Please help us by donating!

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Join me in doing activities! Check GOYBA weekly to see if you are interested in doing random activities instead of just sitting in your room or a bar and wasting your time not experiencing what life could be like! 🙂

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For GREAT and AFFORDABLE massages, like Daniel’s page and feel free to contact him! More on Triptico’s website!

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  1. 1 This One is for The Azman Family | Medical Advice and Life Blog

    […] In 2009 when I went back to Malaysia, my stay was not happy. Despite despising the lack of culture, the pollution, the heat and the blatant racism, the school that I graduated from is NOT on the Malaysian Medical Council’s list of Recognized Schools. It was reevaluated in 2011 and the University of Zagreb is STILL not listed. You can find the link HERE.  Also like Hong Kong’s policy, they made one of the hardest medical exams in the world where only 7% of the people who take it pass.  This means I will probably NEVER pass it no matter how many times I try.  I was ready to bike around the world, but Attila lent me money to go back to Croatia to finish off my internship and to be finally licensed. So I moved back and we ran into legal issues and discrimination which you can read about HERE, HERE and HERE. […]

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