Ellagic is Berry Good for You!!!

I apologize for not writing in my blog for a long time. I had a horrible start to the New Year and I can’t really collect thoughts in my head enough to read through papers and write a good blog, but I’ll try to make things flow as much as possible and provide you with information in an easily flowing essay. Here is my long awaited next entry in my virtual advice to bring you good health and information!

Ellagic Acid is Berry Good for You!

Being a smoker who is constantly on the verge of quitting, I came across an interesting article in one of the many publications that I read that states that strawberries have a substance called “ellagic acid” which activates p53/p21 expression that leads to a stop in cell cycle and causing apoptosis. So what does that mean? That means, like anything else that has the potential of stopping cell replication and causing apoptosis, ellagic acid is great for preventing cancers, especially of the lung, colon, prostate, esophageal, and liver cancers (although the research is limited)! In one paper, it states that you have to gavage strawberries to the point where you have to use the word “gavage” to describe how many strawberries you have to eat for it to be effective. However, ellagic acid is also in most other berries and walnuts, and after more research has been done on rats, and human trials will start (still new on the scene), there will always be people making supplements to get an easy buck until the FDA shuts them down for doing something stupid without putting proper research in their place.

Back to the point of promoting berries, nuts, and eating like a chipmunk or a 10 dollar whore, I realized that I haven’t really explained what ellagic acid is. Ellagic acid is a phenolic compound that is derived from ellagitannins, which is conjugated in the stomach and absorbed as ellagic acid. Why is that important? It’s not unless you’re doing research. The most important thing to know is that it helps in reducing the rates of cancers, it is also a potent antioxidant (like anything in the world), anti-inflammatory, and wonder substance!

Like Dr. Blaylock’s blog says,

One goal is to restore the health of the cells lining your lungs. All antioxidants will help, especially if combined. The most potent are curcumin, hesperidin, quercetin, ellagic acid, catechins, ferulic acid, anthocyanidins, and luteolins. These are found in grape seed extract, white tea, celery, kale, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, oranges, and grapefruits.

I fully agree and will constantly repeat that preventive medicine is the best medicine and if you eat vegetables, fruits, berries, nuts, curry, olive oil and healthy foods, you can be sure that there will be something going on in your body that will help you out! With nutrition, I say that physics go a long way, expanding your lungs by exercising, increasing circulation within your blood vessels and to give a chance for these wonderful antioxidants to work.

Anything that's good for you is good for you.  Don't let it go.

Once again, I apologize that my writing is deteriorating. Once I feel better in my heart, I can do what I love. Log in again for the next topic in preventive medicine.


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