The Reason I am Unemployed as a Medical Doctor

Everybody has problems and when they do, they usually maintain the fact that they’re the only ones suffering the problem. Whereas statistics state people should share the same problem. Primarily, I have been unemployed now for over a year, which is a problem shared with most people in the world in today’s economy. The other problem is, having graduated as a medical doctor from the University of Zagreb Medical Faculty, I still have no way of doing my internship to license myself as a medical doctor. Thus I haven’t had the chance to enter my career field.

Most people who grew up in the 80s and 90s and have found jobs in those times are wondering why there is a problem with me finding a job or internship, residency or housemanship program and why I can’t jump start my career in medicine. However due to the political barriers and nationalism of countries in this economy, it is becoming harder and harder to get into a field that is lacking medical doctors. I am now 31 years young and am at the prime of my mental imagination. However as with most people who have been unemployed, I am starting to lose faith and thus my mental prowess to maintain a positive energy in general life.

Dear Yeop, we informed Ministry of Health on the situation. 2 letters were sent to the Ministry related to “staz” problem; our Dean, Prof. Milicic, is supposed to have a meeting with Ministry officials next week. Among other issues, the staz problem will be high on the agenda. I hope I could get beck to you with some new information by the end of the week. Regards, DJ

To explain things further on why I am stuck in this rut, I can’t work in Croatia because of the policies of the government to not issue visas. Malaysia does not recognize the school, thus I can’t work there. The only other place that I find residency in medicine is in the United States. However, I don’t have the money for the USMLEs and the application fees. Thus due to financial and political constrictions, I am having difficulty finding a way to work. If anybody else has this problem, feel free to email me at yeopazman(at)gmail(dot)com.


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